Journal of Medical and Surgical
Research (JMSR)


Pages: 193-196

Date of Publication: 28-Feb-2016

More Women in Science and Technology: A Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries: Sudan as a Case Study

Author: Prof. Suad M. Sulaiman (Sudan)

Category: Sp Iss: Medical Health Professions in Morocco

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The debate on the fact that there are very fewwomen (less than 10%) in the leading research institutions was raised more than four decades ago. This has triggered several studies to document thecontribution of women to science and scientific discoveries. In 2010, the Royal Society of London celebrated its 350th anniversary; but the historic absence of women scientists from the seminars, exhibitions and publications was noted. Although the Royal Society was founded in 1660, women were not permitted by statute to become fellows until 285 years later, in 1945. An exception was made for Queen Victoria, who was made a royal fellow. This situation was not unique for the British; it was the same for other elite science academies....

Keywords: Developing Countries, Sudan, Sustainable Development Goals, Women in Science