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Pages: 1142-1144DOI: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000229

Date of Publication: 30-Nov--0001

IgD Multiple Myeloma Complicated of Acquired Factor XI Deficiency: A Case Report

Author: Noufissa Alami Drideb, Sanae Bouchnafati, Saloua Saoudi, Hajar Masrour, Maha Ouazzani, Naoual Oubelkacem, Mounia Bouzayd, Zineb Khammar, Rhizlane Berrady

Category: JMSR Oncology

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IgD multiple myeloma (MM) is a rare isotype of multiple myeloma, comprising less than 2% of all cases. IgD myeloma characterized by aggressive presentation and shorter overall survival than other subtypes of MM. Acquired deficiency of coagulation factor can complicate hematological malignancies; bleeding depends on level and on the factor deficiency. Factor XI deficiency is relatively low risk spontaneous bleeding. There are few cases of IgD MM described in the literature especially complicated with factor deficiency. We report a rare case of IgD lambda multiple myeloma with acquired factor XI deficiency.

Keywords: Case report, IgD myeloma, Factor XI deficiency, Multiple myeloma


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