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      <JournalTitle>Journal of Medical and Surgical Research</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Vol. IV, n 2</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>December, 2017</Season>
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      <ArticleTitle>Chronic suppurative osteomyelitis of mandible complicating molar extraction: A case report.</ArticleTitle>
          <FirstName>El Wady</FirstName>
      <Abstract>Osteomyelitis of the jaw was a frequently encountered infection in dental practice. Advances in the fields of anesthesia, antibiotic therapy, preventive and restorative dentistry, as well as the availability of competent medical and dental care, have reduced the incidence of the disease dramatically. We report a case of a chronic suppurative osteomyelitis of mandible in a 65-year-old lady, a complication following molar extraction which was successfully treated by Surgical debridement and a prolonged course of antibiotic therapy.&#13;
Osteomyelitis of the jaw is uncommon . it can be a complication following dental extractions or exposure of teeth , generally in patients who are immunosuppressed. the diagnosis is often difficult and surgical debridement associated to an antibiotherapy can be a definitive method of treating chronic suppurative osteomyelitis of the mandible.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Chronic osteomyelitis, Complication, Tooth extraction.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.journal-jmsr.net/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=4567&amp;title=Chronic suppurative osteomyelitis of mandible complicating molar extraction: A case report.</Abstract>
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