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Pages: 691-696
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Pediatric Ocular Trauma: Experience of a Tertiary Center in Morocco

Author: Meryam Tijani, Nada Al Baroudi, Nourdine Boutimzine, Ouafae Cherkaoui

Category: JMSR Ophtalmology


Purpose: To study the epidemiology, the mechanism, the cause and outcomes of pediatric ocular trauma.

Material and methods: This retrospective study included 102 children who presented to the eye emergency unit during one year. Demographic data, mechanism, cause and management were recorded. Trauma types were defined using the BETT classification (Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology). This data was analyzed using SPSS® software.

Results: Trauma was more common in males (87.3%). Mean age (years) was 9.9±4. Median time of consultation was 12 hours. Ocular trauma occurred in the street (60.8%), mostly during fights (34.3%). The most common cause of injury was stone (23.8%). Closed globe trauma (56.9%) were more common. Initial visual acuity (VA) was 1.2 ± 1 for closed globe trauma versus 2 ± 0.6 for open globe trauma (p ? 0.01). Contusions (87.9%) were more common in closed globe injuries while penetrating lacerations (84.1%) were more frequent in open globe injuries. Severe visual loss was found in 48.8% of open globe injuries versus 13.2% of closed globe injuries (p ? 0.01). Intravitreal hemorrhage, traumatic maculopathy, retinal detachment, choroidal detachment, papilledema, orbital fractures, and zone 3 wounds were the factors associated with severe visual loss.

Conclusion: Prevention remains a cornerstone in the management of pediatric ocular trauma by rising public awareness.

Keywords: Closed globe injury , Ocular trauma, Open globe injury, Pediatric trauma


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