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Pages: 535-543
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Altered Smile Esthetics as Perceived by Moroccan Dentists and Orthodontists

Author: Amal Cherkaoui El Aoumae

Category: JMSR Dentistry


Objective: to evaluate and compare the perception of Moroccan dentists and orthodontists to altered smile features.

Methods: Digital smile photographs with altered features were used including: crown length, width, lateral incisors gingival level, gingival display, midline diastema, upper midline shift. The photographs were presented and assessed by a group of 50 dentists and 50 orthodontists using the Visual Analogue Scale.

Results: Moroccan orthodontists and non-orthodontists didn't share the same perception of smile esthetics. Orthodontists were more critical when assessing maxillary lateral incisors crown width alterations, Incisal midline deviation, midline diastema and gingival exposition with a threshold of 2 mm, whereas they perceived similarly gingival margin incisors irregularities.

Conclusion: Moroccan orthodontists were more critical then dentists when assessing alterations in smile features.

Keywords: Perception , Smile features, Moroccan orthodontists, Moroccan dentists


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