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Pages: 520-527
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Antiviral Immune Responses: an Oerview

Author: Assiya El Kettani, Leila Jeddane, Naima Amenzoui, Ahmed Aziz Bousfiha

Category: JMSR Pathogens


An effective immune response against viral infections depends on the activation of innate immunity, Tcell immunity and humoral immunity. But in some cases, infections persist and natural host immunity becomes insufficient. This work summarizes the most relevant findings on the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathway of antiviral immunity responses and describes the specific mechanisms implicated in the case of some viruses causing a persistent infection: HSV-1 and HPV. Then we'll give examples of these persistent infections with their physiopathogenesis. The findings in molecular mechanisms of antiviral immunity may be exploited to develop new therapeutic modalities for treating persistent virus infections.

Keywords: Immune response, Persistent infections, Signaling pathways, Viral infections


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