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Pages: 157-160
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Acute Purulent Tuberculosis Pericarditis with Cardiac Tamponade: a Case Report.

Author: Z. Lakhal, FZ. Benaich, N. Mouine, J. K Zbir

Category: JMSR Pathogens


Tuberculosis is a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Pulmonary localization is the most frequent. However, pericardial including extra- pulmonary disease, can cause fatal complications. A 37 years old man , without pathological history , who consults for emergency mid-thoracic pain associated with dyspnea, preceded by 10 days before a febrile syndrome with night sweats. Clinical examination showed patient in poor general condition, dyspneic and tachycardia. Cardiovascular examination showed spontaneous jugular veins and painful hepatomegaly, auscultation showed muted heart sounds without pericardial friction and breathless. Chest radiography showed cardiomegaly with symmetric edge straightness, electrocardiogram showed sinus tachycardia at 125bpm, microvoltage and electric alternating QRS complexes. A diffuse ST elevation ascending .Diagnosis of tamponade is suspected, transthoracic echocardiography showed abundance circumferential pericardial effusion measuring 40mm, with prolonged collapse of the right atrium and right ventricle , paradoxical septum , and significant changes in the flow inspiration. Pericardiocentesis ultrasound-guided has allowed a gradual evacuation of 2 liters of a cloudy yellow pericardial fluid, slightly viscous. Direct examination revealed the presence of 14 400 white cells, 99 % are neutrophils with gram-negative bacilli. Research bacillus by PCR and culture in the middle of LOWENSTEIN, later returned negative. Biologically, it is an important infectious syndrome. Taking into account the epidemiological profile of the country, diagnosis tuberculous primary infection tamponade was certain. quadruple anti- tuberculous treatment associated to corticosteroid therapy is instituted, The outcome was good, the patient was asymptomatic, with complete remission, echocardiography control finds no signs suggesting chronic constrictive pericarditis.

Keywords: Acute pericarditis, Tuberculosis, Tamponade.