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Pages: 1037-1043
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Burnout in Nurses at Hassan IId University Hospital In Fez Morocco: -Results of a Prospective Survey-

Author: Abderrahim El Bouazzaoui, Emmanuel Mukuka, Salma Labrigui, Soumaya Touzani, Nawfal Houari, Brahim Boukatta, Nabil Kanjaa

Category: JMSR Psychology


Introduction: The Term “Burnout” is characterized by a feeling of intensive and chronic fatigue which does not disappear even after rest. Closely related to workload, the Burnout Syndrome has greatly degraded the dispensation of health care in nurses. This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of burnout and the existence of specific risk factors in Nurses population at the Hassan IId University Hospital of Fez in Morocco. Material & Methods: A descriptive and analytic study was conducted between January and May 2020 with the objective of describing all sides of the burnout syndrome: prevalence, causes and risk factors. Social, demographic, professional and medical data were collected using an anonymous quantitative questionnaire containing 35 simple multiple choice and 14 redaction questions. The questionnaires were distributed to general nurses, theater nurses, anesthetist nurses, nurse physiotherapists and runners (circulating nurses) working in Operating Theaters, Intensive care Units and Emergency Rooms. Burnout levels were assessed using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). Results: The targeted population comprised of 1039 nurses of which a study sample of 110 nurses was selected. A response rate of 67.3% was obtained (87/110). The average age was 32.5 years old [22- 56]. The female gender represented 70.3%. The experience period in nursing profession ranged from a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 30 years Twenty seven percent of nurses were working in the intensive care unit. Fifty eight percent of professionals had a high level of BOS. The analysis also revealed several aspects associated with burnout. Conclusion: According to our findings, BOS is a reality in the Moroccan context and does exist among nurses in Hassan IId University hospital. A large number of nurses who have still not reached an elevated level of burnout are showing signs of moderate level symptoms and should be considered for a preventive approach.

Keywords: Burnout snydrome, Maslasch, Morocco, Nursing

DOI: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000209