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JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND SURGICAL RESEARCH - Vol. II, n 3 (Special Issue), February, 2016 (1st Int. Day for W.G.S)

Pages: 187-188
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Etiquette, Impressions and Success

Author: Mrs. Haifa Shawwa (Palestine)

Category: Sp Iss: Medical Health Professions in Morocco


In almost every culture, ambitious women were once hindered by stereotypes regarding their priorities and were often compelled to make the hard choice between a serious career and their typical role of making a family. Julia Robert's "The Mona Lisa Smile" is a close embodiment of such a conflict, where girls were taught to focus on their debutante skills rather than academia. Accordingly, so many women were discouraged to take the path of education and career for the fear of losing their youth and «femininity" to study, research and career.............

Keywords: Etiquette, Impressions, Success.